Next psilohuasca ceremony in March

In 2017 proudly sponsored two so-called psilohuasca ceremonies that took place in celebration of the Third Summer of Love.

The festivities are far from finished, with a third psilouasca ceremony already planned for March 16th. Last summer, we spoke to founder Rudi Somerlove, who shared with us his fascinating story of how the 3rd Summer of Love came to be.

Rudi hosted us for this conversation on his houseboat at the ‘Lake of Joy’, to get there we had to follow a small path where we passed a Royal Mail postbox and Rudi’s self-customized purple Jeep. Arriving at the houseboat the view over the ‘Lake of Joy’ is in its own right spectacular, but Rudi quickly points to a flower box full of clovers.

Rudi was barely born at the height of the Hippie era in 1967, when the first Summer of Love emerged in San Francisco. Though he was not able to take part, he is convinced it influenced him on a deeply subliminal level.

When, two decades later in the land of his birth England, the second Summer of Love started, with its rave parties and the famous smiley logo, he was in the front row managing a funk/rock band called Wise Up.

Now, in 2017, the Summer of Love celebrates its fiftieth birthday and Rudi sees everywhere that the time is right for a third psychedelic revolution. Which, as far as he is concerned, starts in the country which he learned to love in the past twenty years, the Netherlands, and in a city that deserves it, Amsterdam.

And so it happened, two events already took place, both centered around truly magical psilohuasca ceremonies. But what is psilohuasca exactly? As the name suggests, in many ways psilohuasca is similar to ayahuasca, which is also used in plant based healing rituals. Participants in the ceremony take a combination of psilocybin (the active substance in Magic Truffles) and a MAO-inhibitor in the shape of Peganum Harmala (Syrian Rue) seeds. The seeds make sure the psilocybin is broken down in the body at a slower rate, giving the Magic Truffles a longer and more intense effect.

Four years ago, Rudi took part in his first psilohuasca ceremonies. During these experiences he got obsessed with the idea that we all create our own reality and therefore are able to create our own happiness. One day after one of these ceremonies he notices a bunch of clovers growing in a planter at home and decides to try to find a four leaf ‘lucky’ clover. He goes through the whole planter multiple times, but he simply can’t find one. After he retreated back into his house however, he remembers the insight gained whilst on the recent psilocybin trip, that he can create his own happiness. He returns to his planter, closes his eyes, moves his hands closely over the clovers and with complete conviction says the word “Manifest!”. He opens his eyes and almost immediately sees a lucky four leaf clover waving at him.

At first Rudi couldn’t be happier, but after an hour or so he starts to doubt and decides to try and repeat his trick. Amazingly, he again finds what he’s looking for. Later that day he even succeeds a third time. Looking at his three lucky clovers he realizes they are a symbol for three wishes he can now make, the archetypal three wishes from all the fairy stories he heard when he was a child. It is then that Rudi, after some considerable consideration, concludes he has absolutely nothing to wish for. He also realizes how happy he actually is. He is healthy, lives in a beautiful place and his big dream, a self-built Jeep is parked just outside. He then decides to hand out the lucky clovers to his friends and believe it or not, the wishes of all recipients have come true so far.

Fast forward to 2016. The lucky clovers are still manifesting for Rudi although the chance of finding a lucky clover are thin (1 in 10,000, look it up). Rudi has now found hundreds with his method which he believes is a gift from the divine. Then, at an ayahuasca ceremony at his houseboat, the purpose of it all is revealed to him: the lucky clovers are invitations for a psilohuasca ceremony honoring the fiftieth birthday of the Summer of Love and the thirtieth birthday of the Second Summer of Love. And so the idea for a Third Summer of Love launched from Amsterdam was born. Rudi emphasizes it’s not just some little idea of his, he is convinced it is meant to happen like this, and he can do no other thing than to make it happen, it is his destiny. The numbers alone seem to be in complete accordance and the universe encourages it. 2017 is 50 years since 1967 and the first Summer of Love. 2018/9 are exactly 30 years since the second Summer of Love in 1988/9. Encouraged by these startling coincidences and numerological perfection Rudi starts making laminated invitations with his dried lucky clovers and hands them out to potential participants at different events.

…And so the time came for the launch party of the Third Summer of Love on the 26th May 2017. It promised to be something very special and it was. Not only was the ceremony lead by the very experienced shamanYelena Love Unconditional, but the event was also accompanied by several musical and visual performances. Among others there was Frans van Meerendonk, who gave a performance of his Samsara Gong Shower, Stefano Sgarbi, who produced polyphonic sounds with his voice and Mandy Servais Glowballz who gave an impressive light show performance with rings of led-lights. Also featured was Jhelisa Anderson’s Chakra Sound System, Celtic Harp from Catherine Ó Croidheáin, singing from Ilona West and acoustic guitar and vocals from Louise De Lune. Before the ceremony started there were different speakers, among them Summer of Love-survivor and Provocateur Hans Plomp renowned for the well-read book “Uit je Bol”. A similar second event titled “The Fields of Elysium followed in November and brought even more people and artists together.

For those who are interested there is good news. A new event is planned to continue the Summer of Love 3.0. It will take place on 16th March 2018 and will be similar in content to the Launch Party and the Fields of Elysium. However, to get a ticket you will need an invitation (one containing a four leaf clover), which, if you don’t already have one, you can get by getting in touch via the website of the Third Summer of Love. The only condition is that you need to be an experienced psychonaut. The set and setting of these events are not for newbies or first-timers. The price of a ticket is 150 euros. This will cover the costs for everything described above including the psilohuasca ceremony. On the 16th March we will gather at 16:00 and at 18:00 the psilohuasca ceremony will start. The exact location (in Amsterdam Noord) will be revealed to participants after buying their ticket. Of course it is possible for participants to spend the night at the location, free of charge, however it is recommended to bring your own sleeping gear. A nourishing soup will be provided for sustenance after the ceremony.

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